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30th May 2023 2PM – 3PM


Audience – everyone

Join the free webinar to hear from inspiring businesses and have the opportunity to put your questions to our panel of industry experts.

What to expect from the webinar:

  • Learn about the Circular Economy and what it means for Scotland’s textiles industry.
  • Hear inspiring stories from businesses like yours, that have introduced circular practices into their business.
  • Discuss the opportunities and challenges.
  • Take the opportunity to put your questions to our panel of speakers from across the textiles industry.
  • We’ll share the details of the Circular Textiles Fund.
  • LINK TO FULL WEBINAR INFO (Free to attend)

31st May 2023


Audience – everyone

Exploration of material research into sustainability, circularity and today’s reality for businesses. Followed by networking drinks!

Circular DS would like to invite you to an exciting afternoon exploring the outcomes of a critical research project delving into material libraries and the current innovative material research available – all from a circular economy perspective.

Dr Lynn Wilson (founder of Circular DS and Circular Economy Thought Leader), funded by a Creative Informatics grant, led an analysis of ‘sustainable’ materials available today, their potential and the need for greater understanding of how to use these innovations.

1 Hour Circular Economy Material Talk

Having just finished a PHD on Cleaning the Loop, focussing on understanding consumer experience within the circular economy, Dr Lynn Wilson will explore the pure circular economy philosophy and how this initiated the research into material choice.

This will be followed by a talk from the researchers of the project on the research journey and material trend outcomes.

Why join us

Join us as we explore why material purpose and circularity are critical to industries as we shift to a more sustainable future and learn about the material trends we see today. Then to celebrate the completion of the project, there will be drinks and an opportunity to network, where you can meet like-minded businesses interested in a ‘Net Zero’ future.

This will be ideal for businesses, designers in industry and procurement specialists to network and build a greater understanding of circularity in the material world.

Further Information

Where – Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB

When – 3.00pm – 6.30pm (Includes 90 minutes networking drinks)

Cost – £15 per ticket

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19th April 2023


THEME: Consumer peer to peer learning, clothing longevity and circularity

Audience – everyone

Fabric of Society Exhibition – short 8-10 minute film, professionally produced, which sets out the global macro problem of over clothing consumption and then focuses in on the micro perspective of consumer problems with keeping clothing in use, followed by what other consumers do to keep clothing in use, but then what happens at end of life when you really don’t want/can’t use a garment, where does it go? Film then goes to a textile recycling company and goes through the different ways clothing is reused.

19th April 2023


THEME: Consumer clothing longevity and circularity for a fairer society working towards carbon net zero 2045

Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group – Circular Economy

60 invited guests

Presentation of a white paper – Consumer Clothing Circularity for Scotland

This paper is aligned to various different Scottish Government strategies and policies and is a call to take consumer clothing acquisition, use and disposal as a series threat to Scotland’s ambition to achieve carbon net zero by 2045, if new consumer systems of clothing reuse and circularity are are not implemented

30th March 2023

Audience: Academic marketing/business ethics text book

Book chapter published that Lynn Wilson writes about clothing poverty and the concept of private sufficiency and public luxury through the concept of clothing circularity

29th March 2023


For the Love of Fashion | Online event

In conversation:

  • Moderator: Caroline Parkinson, Sector Engagement Manager – Creative Industries, Creative Informatics/Edinburgh Futures Institute
  • Dr Lynn Wilson, Circular Design Scotland Ltd
  • Lynne Craig, Deputy Director, Innovation, Edinburgh Futures Institute,

               Programme Director, Design Informatics MA/MFA

 This event is in collaboration with Edinburgh Futures Institute, Edinburgh University.

23rd March 2023


The one-day symposium, Adam Smith Business School (ASBS), the University of Glasgow in collaboration with the British Standards Institute (BSI), hosted by Dr Lynn Wilson and Professor Deirdre Shaw aims to present new research exploring consumer clothing circularity behaviour and industry and policy solutions. This will be followed by an invite-only workshop exploring the development of a suite of sustainable fashion standards, led by BSI. (Invitation only)

The University of Glasgow – venue TBC

22nd  & 23rd March 2023


Academia and Business

Audience: Business and Policy led by academia

Design and development of Future of Sustainable Fashion Standards Symposium

Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow and the British Standards Institute

70 invited participants across the fashion supply chain

Keynote lecture: Patrick Grant (BBC, British Sewing Bee)

My key participation: presentation of my PhD research, which is consumer focused. I will also moderate an industry panel discussion

March 2023


(TBC) Launch of the consumer-co-designed exhibition in collaboration with Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, Scottish Library Information Council. This is a professionally designed online exhibition and in-person road show in libraries throughout Scotland, exploring with consumers clothing use, circulation and textile reuse and valorisation. It asks consumers to share information about the problems of clothing reuse and disposal decision-making.

Online exhibitions launch and 40-minute lecture by Dr Lynn Wilson.

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February 2023


Book chapter ‘Private Sufficiency, Public Luxury in Clothing Circularity’ within “Research Handbook on Ethical Consumption: Contemporary Research in Responsible and Sustainable Consumer Behaviour” which will be published by Edward Elgar Publishing.

Book chapter published, exploring George Monbiot’s concept of ‘private sufficiency, public luxury’, in the context of clothing and the circular economy.

11th February 2023


Panel discussion participant, invited by TOAST to discuss clothing mending and longevity, hosted by Dovecot Studios, as part of the Chanel to Westwood knitwear exhibition.

Dr Wilson will be a guest panellist, invited by TOAST, to participate in an event at Dovecot studios, discussing consumer behaviour and the practices of clothing longevity through mending.

25th January 2023


Launch of podcast series in collaboration with the University of Glasgow. 

The aim of this pioneering project is to explore Dr Wilson’s PhD thesis topic – Cleaning the Loop. Driving Consumer Clothing Circularity, chapter by chapter, in discussion with some of the key collaborators, authors cited within the thesis and participants from where key information was sourced. Each podcast theme is presented below, the rationale for each participant, and their key talking points within each podcast.

The podcast series is hosted by Dr Lynn Wilson, who will introduce the podcast series, with a standard text, followed by a question to one of the participants, which will then be a catalyst to include the third participant in the discussion. Whilst each podcast has been designed to have 5 key Talking Points (TPs), it is important that they are not too scripted, to be able to produce a ‘talk show’ style production, that is relaxed and enjoyable to watch/listen to.

The podcasts will be uploaded and accessed via the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow website, with the ability to share the link, with partner websites.

Podcast Host: Dr Lynn Wilson

Podcast 1: Professor Deirdre Shaw & Rob Harrison, Editor and Founder, Ethical Consumer

Podcast 2: Walter Stahel, Circular Economy Expert, Bettina Heller, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Podcast 3: Professor Linda Price

Podcast 4: Professor Sophie 

Podcast 5: Laura Russell, Satisfashion Personal Styling and Alan Wheeler, CEO, Textile Recycling Association, UK

Podcast 6: Professor Deirdre Shaw, Dr Katherine Duffy

17th January 2023


Attending the official opening of the Kalopsia manufacturing site in Dunfermline, opened by the Princess Royal.

24th November 2022

Time and Location 24 Nov, 19:30 – 20:30 GMT Online Zoom Event

Join us to connect with the #SustFashScotland community and explore ways forward together. This month we are discussing

‘How can we support the use of natural fibres in clothing?’

Led by Dr Lynn Wilson, circular design practitioner, researcher, and educator. Lynn will be joined by designer Di Gilpin for a conversation focusing on wool. Examining the future of the UK wool sector.

17th NOVEMBER 2022

From 2021 to 2022, as a Consumer and Public Interest Network (CPIN) representative for British Standards Institute, Dr Lynn Wilson worked on BSIFlex5555, Community Face Coverings. (External link to work)

This temporary flex standard was carried over, into working on an international Community Face Covering standard with the Central European Network for standards. (External link to work)

The working group, including participation by Lynn, as a member, has now been shortlisted for a BSI, Innovative Working Group Award, and Dr Wilson has been invited to London, to the BSI Conference and Awards ceremony.

16th NOVEMBER 2022

Luxury Textile Supply Chains

MA Fashion Supply Chain, University of Westminster

Sustainability of Luxury Natural Fibre Supply Chains

This section addresses luxury natural fibre supply chains and examines case studies, from Mongolian cashmere, and successful partnerships with luxury UK brands.

Sustainable Luxury Leather Supply Chains

This section addresses the leather industry and examines the future of new luxury leather alternatives, critiquing whether they are really a substitute for real leather.

Polyester 2050. A Luxury Sustainable Fibre?

By 2050, it is hoped, that oil and gas, as an energy source has become a restricted resource replaced by natural, renewable energy sources such as wind and tidal power.

Conference presentation: Artworks as Commodities.

A Circular Economy Response to the Environmental Challenges of Art Conservation in a World of Depleting Resources.

Sustaining Art: People, Practice, Planet in Contemporary Art Conservation Conference

Discovery Point, Dundee, 9th November 2022
Access PDF to view

This presentation gives a brief overview of the circular economy framed within the context of artworks as commodities.

Artworks have always been part of collaborative consumption models of sharing, lending, and passing, whether in private ownership or public galleries. An overview of how to maximise artworks as commodities in a sharing economy and to evaluate when when they are more useful as regenerative materials sources, other than objects is discussed.

Circular Design Scotland Presents World Circular Textiles Day (Scotland). A Celebration of Circular Textile Progress in Scotland

Saturday 8th October 202213:30 – 17:00, Edinburgh

CCD – Centre for Circular Design – UAL

Circular Wool Symposium

All around the world, questions about why we are wasting wool fleeces have become burning issues. Literally. In a time of extreme climate crisis, we are not using our textile resources well, and this in particular seems like a design crime. But is it a actually a design problem?