We are living in an age where the most expensive planetary resource has produced fibre poverty.

Dr Lynn Wilson FRSA



When signing up to our consultancy service we ask for clarity, good communication and commitment; our process is as follows:

Establish goals and share lessons learned

With our consultancy we create specific goals to focus on. Having clarity over what you would like to accomplish is really important.

It’s our role to ask the right questions, listen and offer a way forward.

We provide expertise and guidance for the successful implementation of circular supply chain modelling. We conduct assessments to identify waste areas, develop comprehensive models, and offer recommendations for process and product redesign. We collaborate with stakeholders to ensure seamless integration of circular practices and assist in adopting technologies for improved transparency. By leveraging our knowledge and experience, we play a vital role in helping you achieve a sustainable and efficient circular economy through optimised supply chain processes.

We are happy to share our process and examples of previous activity, the ups and downs and the outcomes, what was learned and how we apply those lessons in the business or role of the individual. Our process sometimes means sharing some “tough love”, which means being willing to be vulnerable.

Consultancy services are essential for organisations aiming to implement circular supply chain modelling effectively. Our services involve evaluating your current supply chain structure and processes, identifying areas of waste, and developing comprehensive models that visualise the flow of materials. We provide tailored solutions and strategies to support the integration of circular practices, including process redesign, product design, and supplier engagement. We also assist in adopting technologies and systems for better transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain. Overall, consultancy services play a crucial role in guiding organisations towards a sustainable and efficient circular economy by optimising supply chain processes and promoting resource efficiency.

Please note that you will drive the relationship, you are investing in our time it is up to you to maximise the opportunity we put before you.