Cradle to Cradle is like good gardening; it is not just about “saving” the planet but about learning.

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Dr Lynn Wilson is the founder of Circular DS.

Created from her passion and commitment to reducing global production and consumption impact on the planet. Guiding those in production and consumption systems more circular, and in doing so, ensuring a sustainable future.

Her passion is based on her early experiences of working in international development in developing countries, in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, where she worked with indigenous peoples, now most affected by the impact of western consumption.

Gaining a PhD in management, from the Adam Smith Business School, the University of Glasgow in 2022, combined with her experience of working in zero waste, and circular economy business strategies at a policy level, since 2012, she has become one of the leading circular economy practitioners in the UK.

From 2013-2017, Dr Wilson was the Sector Manager – Manufacturing, Circular Economy team at Zero Waste Scotland, contributing to Making Things Last – A Circular Economy Strategy for Scotland. During this time she, led on the implementation of the circular economy strategy with the National Manufacturing.

Dr Wilson is currently a Creative Entrepreneur within the Creative Informatics Programme, at the University of Edinburgh, where she is developing a Circular Materials Repository.

Recently she completed a research post at the University for the Arts, London, Centre for Circular Design, examining the future of the UK wool sector. Her passion for circular design and technology was advanced in 2015, when she embarked on a Churchill Fellowship, spending one month in Japan, researching circular textile heritage, technology, and clothing retail systems to achieve a circular economy.

Dr Wilson is a non-executive board member of Architecture and Design Scotland and is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts, Commerce and Manufacture (FRSA). She has been a member of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and Product Lifetime Extension Working Group, since 2020, and is an advocate for United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12 (UNSDG12).

Since 2019, she has been a CPIN (Consumer and Public Interest Network) representative for the British Standards Institute (BSI), most recently working on standards related to polymer bead transportation safety as well as working on the international CEN (XXXXXX) for Community Face Coverings.


Business Development Manager – Circular Economy

Martha Wood joined the Circular DS team to direct business development with a focus on creating brand awareness. Martha has already represented the company at a number of events including the Scottish Resources Conference and the Supply Chain Summit 2022.

Martha completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and History at the University of Leeds before studying a Masters in Global Governance and Diplomacy, focussing on the policy around climate change at a global level and social justice.

As part of her studies, Martha explored the role of gender and the importance of understanding environmental initiatives holistically and in their local context to be effective. Having assisted with the growth of an independent café business, Martha is passionate that business innovation can provide great opportunities to shift towards a more sustainable society.

Throughout her professional career Martha has supported the implementation of effective systems to reduce waste and provide eco-friendly products.

Working as a Finance Analyst within an international law firm also provided Martha a greater understanding of how large businesses function and develop.

Martha is an associate member of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) and is currently expanding her networks in this field.

Colin speaking at Apple, about writing, making an impact and how to capture the imagination.


Marketing Lead – Circular Economy

Colin Gilchrist a designer and creative has been a mentor and participant in many start-ups since 2003. Embracing the sustainable, circular economy agenda in 2008, with the launch of a social network that alleviated traffic congestion (although ahead of its time still carries impact today).

Running design agencies, TV & film production, creative director of a women’s wear brand, launching SAAS, medical and whisky subscription businesses has an incredible breadth of experience. Delights in being kept busy and up to date on social networks, Apps and all things circular economy related.

A keen commercial accumen belies a steady and calm exterior when under incredible pressure. Knowledgable in web design, marketing strategy and crisis management.